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I want to thank Dr. Sileo & his staff for their exceptional professionalism. How they take the time to understand your situation & how it can be corrected. I highly recommend Dr. Sileo & his staff & I want to thank them for their time & patience to understand our situation. Thank you.


I had labrum tear repair and my shoulder tightened. Saying I was petrified would be under exaggerated. Dr. Sileo and his assistant Rich made this whole process easier. Dr. Sileo the day of surgery was so calm and chill that it made me feel safe. The post op treatment I’ve gotten from him and Rich has been amazing. I wouldn’t ever go to anyone else. Thank you!


Dr. Sileo is awesome. He is very professional and very attentive to individual needs. I had ACL reconstruction and was fortunate to be at almost a full recovery after 6 months. Months of Physical Therapy followed an amazing surgery by Dr. Sileo. Rich, who works with Dr. Sileo, is also a fantastic PA. He is extremely knowledgeable and was a great help throughout the process. Thanks again for the great care.